Drill Stem Test with FlowJet® Pump

Downhole zonal well test by FlowJet® pump is the best way to test multilayer formation zone by zone creating variable drawdown to the reservoir to evaluate its performance at different flow regimes. Technology could be applied in the non-self-flowing wells such as heavy oil, tight formation, low reservoir pressure.

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Drill stem test with Jet pump

The 4-parameters MEFM tool helps to measure the gross rate from the reservoir, water cut, pressure and temperature during the production test. The duration of the production test could be up to one month with the recording of production data to the memory of downhole MEFM tool. High-quality Pressure Build Up could be recorded during downhole production test.

PVT Sampling with FlowJet® Pump

Collection of PVT sample with help of FlowJet® pump allows to have a pure sample of reservoir fluid from remote zones of formation which is free of mud residuals. PVT chamber used for PVT sampling has 2 by 500cc containers equipped with timer and pressure triggers. PVT chamber run along with FlowJet pump as a part of BHA but could be fished by overshot after sample collection.


PVT at different drawdown – purity of sample

  • Time, pressure programmable

  • Inset with PVT tool retrievable by slickline

  • Volume of chamber 500cc

  • Tool length 2m

  • Tool OD 38mm

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